I am a pediatrician and mother of four who has been in practice for nearly two decades in my hometown. MommyDoc is a blog where physicians, other healthcare workers, and the public can come to read more about the politics of medicine from the “front line” perspective.

The MommyDoc blog is about the trials and tribulations of doing the job as a physician and more importantly, a parent on a daily basis. I share first-hand accounts of my fight against the corporatization of my profession in the effort to preserve the physician-patient relationship, something I hold sacred.

My father was a pediatrician and we were in practice together for 16 years until his unexpected death in October 2017. Since that time, I have been in solo practice.

My practice is old-fashioned, with paper charts, a Dictaphone, and no computer.  Many patients are children of parents and grandparents my father cared for when they were children.  I never miss a chance to say hello when I see families around town.

Parents know their children best. Listening to families is one of my top priorities. Engaging in shared decision-making with my patients is a must.  I want parents to leave my office more confident than when they entered it.

Over the years I have become more vocal about fighting for social justice.  I still have a lot to learn and have made mistakes along the way.  I hope you enjoy the many anecdotes about my practice, my patients (shared with permission), and my own children along the way.