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15 Ways You Know Mom is a Pediatrician

“If you get bit by a dog, then you will get rabies.” – 4 year old daughter “You mostly get rabies from bats.” – 7 year old son “Dogs get shots to protect them from rabies.” – 5 year old son “OK, phew.” – 4 year old daughter very relieved “Umm, how about we try to avoid getting bit by dogs?”–Mom preferring prevention strategy

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Going Rogue

As the reality of MACRA (Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015) looms, the pressure is on small practices to survive. CMS plans to penalize 87% of solo physicians and reward bonuses to 81% of practices with more than 100 physicians. It is time for passive resistance, defined as protesting against a law using peaceful methods such as refusing to obey or refusing to leave a building. I vehemently refuse to leave the building.

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Dear Mr. Slavitt, Please Come Visit My Office.

My county with a population of 260,000 has NO psychiatrist. Not one. Many states all over are experiencing the same provider shortages. Can you grow psychiatrists somewhere at an accelerated rate, like that clone army in Star Wars, and drop them randomly by plane throughout the United States? That would be a good start. They could be raised to believe indentured servitude is their destiny.

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