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Life Lessons from Memorial Day Past

After having four children of my own, my parenting goals are now simpler than they might have been before this tragic event. The “best-I-can-do” parenting is good enough; everything does not have to be perfect. My little brother grabbed life with both hands and experienced everything he possibly could in the moment. I strive to make the most of each and every day with my children and be grateful for that time, in honor of my little brother. He would not have wanted it any other way.

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Thriving After a Pediatric Stroke

In my opinion, the physician-patient relationship is the most powerful force existing in medicine today. It has kept my love for this career alive even on the worst days. Being part of a childs’ life and changing it in some small way for the better is something to treasure. “Medically, mentally, physically, and academically, he did it!” Max has many more triumphs ahead for Max, there will also be many for other children who struggled early in life to survive.

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Money Talks: Survival of the Small Pediatric Clinic

A man called our office this week and asked what WE charge for co-pays. What the what? Copays and deductibles are what YOUR insurance requires you to pay according to your contract. They consider it “your investment” in your health care. We were asked the other day whether the copay really makes a difference in our bottom line. You bet it does! It makes up a significant portion of total income for our business and keeps us afloat.

How a Physician Suicide 30 Years Ago Still Affects This Physician Today

I was 12 years old in 1987 when the first physician I knew committed suicide. My father was the seventh physician to join The Doctors Clinic in 1971. I was raised attending summertime backyard picnics at other physicians’ homes and remember most of their families and children. It was a close-knit community of medical providers back then; something that may have prevented more tragic events like this from occurring.

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MOC: How the American Board of Pediatrics Failed this Nursing Physician

While swiping our credit cards to fund this atrocity known as Maintenance of Certification, maybe your group could take a few moments to streamline your rigid and archaic application process? It is not exactly rocket science or is keeping track of so much money simply too exhausting?

Using Index Cards as Medical Record Tools

Let us go back for a moment to ponder this ingenious idea of using an index card as a medical record tool. Low cost, top quality medical care is the Holy Grail for which everyone in the field of medicine is searching. Is it conceivable we already found it, used it for more than a century, and abandoned it in light of its simplicity? Possibly.

Be Low-Tech When You Can… Internet and Gaming Addiction

What both technology folks and pediatricians know is limiting access to video games allows children to find pleasure in everyday life activities—engaging with friends and family, reading, playing outside, and achieving in school. They learn the true value of a hard day’s work. Isn’t that what we all want for our children?

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Where Does the Story Begin For a Physician?

Yes, I was accepted to medical school because I was a competitive baton twirler. I devoted more than 10 years of my life to perfecting my performance and here is the letter my very gutsy 20 year old self sent to the Dean of the Medical School more than 20 years ago. Recently, an older video of my performance was posted online and I thought posting the ONE that really mattered in my life was worthwhile to share. Here is where I learned to stand up for what I believe in.

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