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Three Generations of Pediatric Care

Hippocrates said, “Cure sometimes, treat often, comfort always.” The relationships with families continue long after their children are grown up and become parents themselves. Our role in the lives of the human beings for whom we have lovingly cared is a wonderful blessing, but also a grind on my heart. It is a relationship I treasure.

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The True Value of Stomach Acid

I realized I had not heard the faucet running in between trips and wondered from where she was getting the water. “From the toilet,” she said. I was speechless. My kids all started laughing as they did not exactly understand why drinking water from the toilet is not a good idea. If I had not been so tired, I might have panicked at the thought of what could happen to children who drink water from the toilet.

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Autism Is Really a Disorder of Communication and Interaction

Autism, in plain and simple terms is a communication and interaction disorder. Think about that for a few minutes. Imagine not being able to communicate with your toddler and the frustration that entails. Think about the way a newborn cries, then consoles in our arms, and smiles; that is interaction. During that first year, so much communication goes on between a parent and child. They push the spoon away when they are full. They watch us clap, copy us, and begin clapping themselves.

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If Amoxicillin Liquid Were Crack…

My dad would bring home antibiotic samples and leave them on the counter. They were packaged in small little bottles containing one or two teaspoons of powder medication. If the medicine turned pink when I added water, I had hit the Jackpot! It was indeed Amoxicillin. I remember the first taste of “antibiotic crack” like it was yesterday. It was practically like sneaking dessert. There were a handful of times I recall mixing up between 6 to 10 bottles and savoring every last drop. I am certain I ingested more than the recommended dose for a child in one sitting, but who was keeping track?

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Patients Are In My Mind and My Heart. #DoctorsDoCare

The public should know more about what goes on in the minds and hearts of physicians. Please share this piece and start a “Doctors Do Care” Challenge. If you are a physician, write a story about a patient who changed your life. If you are a patient and a physician has improved your life in some way, please share your story with the same hashtag. #doctorsdocare.

The Eyes Are Crossing? Is It Amblyopia?

Have you ever noticed someone’s eye darting off a different direction, even though they appear to be looking at you? Over the past month, I have seen more than 10 cases where parents report “eyes crossing”, “one eye turning in”, or “one turning out.” Seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, and smelling are very important for all human beings. Something can go wrong with any one of these senses. Vision is a crucial part of development for every child; however there are times when eyes do not work like they should. This is known as amblyopia.

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A Pediatrician Learned the Value of A Mother’s Intuition

I have always wished to have the opportunity for a do-over. In my ideal replay, I would walk in and take an extensive history and physical, discuss a list of possible diagnoses with mom, and draw the child’s blood. I would express compassion for her and tell her it was going to be alright. Despite having ups and downs during those three years of internship and residency, I learned many invaluable lessons during those three years. I wish I could thank this mother now. She taught me the importance of listening to the person who knows their child best, their parent. It is a lesson I have never forgotten.

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