An Extraordinary Teacher for an Unforgettable Year

Teachers like Mrs. Hemmersbach impact children for a lifetime and are unlikely to be forgotten.  Before signing off for the last time, Mrs. H told her students that she would miss them, had high expectations for them in the future, and would see them at their senior celebration.  There is little doubt she has inspired countless numbers of students to reach for the stars and many of us lucky enough to have her teach our children wish her a happy and fulfilling retirement. 

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What Will Be Covid-19’s Legacy For Schools

As a pediatrician, I am even more concerned about those students who are homeless, food insecure, or being exposed to violence more regularly at home as a result of school closure. School is the one place where children can feel safe, fed, and supported. Children with disabilities—who receive speech, language, and other therapies—have been unable to continue their specialized services at school, which are essential to foster learning and development.

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Nixing the Louse

Apparently, someone had purchased Nix, used it at home, put the nearly empty bottles back inside the box, and glued the top shut (in hindsight, there was a lot of glue inside the box top.) Sadly, I returned to the store, explained what had happened, purchased another two bottle package, and headed home for some “louse and me” time. Hopefully, you are laughing because I was not last night heading back to the store.

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A Flu Shot Primer: Basic Answers To Common Questions

Influenza is the seventh leading cause of death in children under the age of 14 in the United States. Illness can be life-threatening and needs to be taken seriously. A flu vaccine is developed each year to keep up with the ever changing strains that are circulating. This year 2015-2016, the strains circulating match the vaccine accurately. Last year 2014-2015, the vaccine was less than 50% preventative. I hope you find this information helpful.

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Autism Is Really a Disorder of Communication and Interaction

Autism, in plain and simple terms is a communication and interaction disorder. Think about that for a few minutes. Imagine not being able to communicate with your toddler and the frustration that entails. Think about the way a newborn cries, then consoles in our arms, and smiles; that is interaction. During that first year, so much communication goes on between a parent and child. They push the spoon away when they are full. They watch us clap, copy us, and begin clapping themselves.

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